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flowing like a gentle stream
through mountains and

singing the cheerful song
of a hummingbird
fluttering her wings.

ever moving like the
every rushing by.

ever changing like the
sometimes stormy,
sometimes sunny,
ever passing…



Author’s note: I wrote this in early sobriety, somewhere between the kicking and screaming, on a good day. I post it today because today I have been sober for 27 years.

it’s hard to be who
you are,
standing in the archway
scared and confused.

it’s hard to decide
whether to walk through
the fog ahead,
or turn back.

we wish we could go back
to a place where our way
was all we knew of,
painful, familiar, secure.

But sometimes,
after we’ve passed through
the archway,
we can laugh and smile and share,
and nothing hurts as long.

we can reach out to
because we were once
there, too.

And sometimes, we will see that
whatever lies ahead
will be better than the past,
because we aren’t alone now.


I wait,
and while I wait
I think of the times,
the faces of long ago.

A peace fills me,
and I wear the stillness
as a cloak,
warming me,
the cold outside forgotten.

Your face dances across
my memory, and I smile.

untitled — The Wind…

The wind whispered
all our secrets
and dreams.
The trees swayed
with the telling
as time laughed.
The dreams are old now,
the secrets no longer.

Savoring Summer — example poem for students

The endless hot, sunny days of summer
Make it seem like everything
Will always be OK
Until the monsoons come

Sleeping late is great
Wearing jammies all day
Not having to put on
Coats and hats and gloves

The sky outside is
So bright
and blue
It hurts your eyes

Summer feels like
Will last forever
Until the monsoons come

Fishy Poem

My REALLY, REALLY bad poem – was an instant poem I wrote to teach my third graders about rhyming poetry:

I have a fish.
His name is Fred.
He’s on a dish.
I think he’s dead.



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