Author’s poetry note

Only four more poems left.  The issue with them is the formatting.

It was weird re-reading these.  Some are remarkably depressing.  Others I remember as being my favorites.  For example, Deranged Fruit came about because the poetry teacher had words in a jar and you had to pull two of them to create a poem.  He was just the sort who enjoyed a poem about deranged fruit, too.  There were some in my poetry class who didn’t get Aerial View (seriously?) or History Test.  Crime Scene is one of my favorites, but again I’m not sure how many people would get it.

I have other poems that are not a part of this collection, but I also want to get the prose posted as well.  This should encourage me to get back to writing!!

Feel free to leave reasonable feedback.  If you have to say something is crap, at least find a creative way to put it!


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